Sunday, August 8, 2010

Picture Perfect

Hello. Today my camera person is a little lazy, so I took these pictures myself!
Now, let's take a look around here, shall we?
Ah! You see these pictures up here? The older girl (aka camera person) draws them. They're all of cats! I'm telling you, it gets a little creepy having all those eyes stare at you.
Now, take a closer look at the top one. Hold on. . . Let me zoom in.
Oh great! Now it's blurry!
There! It looks like Tater! The girl said it's not of Tater, but it's close enough for me so I'm going to assume it's Tater.
Now, as I looked around for my picture, I found. . .
. . . this lovely portrait of me radiating my superiority.
But then the girl said it's not me, in fact it's a silhouette of an orange cat.
So then. . .
I found this picture of me doing what I love to do.
Then I noticed it has white paws. Very unlike me.
So I come to this dilemma: Where is my picture?
So. . .
 I drew this fantastic self-portrait! Look at it! I may as well be looking through a mirror!
 There! Up on the wall where it belongs!
But tragically. . .
  It did not last long.


  1. Mr. Dumbles, I am sure she will someday paint you in all your glory and you will take your place among all her artwork. Be patient. =)

  2. So sorry Mr Dumbles