Friday, August 6, 2010

Clash of the Kitties

As you all know, I have a little brother, Tater.

But we don't tend to be "good brothers".
Yeah that's right, Tater! You better watch out!
Tater said thanks for putting him on my blog. I think he was being sarcastic, but you can never tell with Tater. And please excuse the blurry picture; my camera person isn't much of a professional yet.
P.S. I won that fight! >:D


  1. Mr. Dumbles, you are a cat of many talents!

  2. Mr. Dumbles, How old is Tater? Is there any possiblity of him growing up to be bigger than you? Just sayin' . . .

  3. Tater's as old as I am, 3. And I am WAY bigger than he is! Skinny little munchkin!